Golf Swing Right Elbow Backswing Tip

Hi everyone! An update on my fitness regimen is below, but first I wanted to give you a tip and show you a tutorial both in regular motion and slow motion on a backswing and in particular, how the right elbow backswing move can make or break your shot.

I notice many newbies have this problem – quickly cutting upward with their right elbow and then “chopping” down on the ball. This causes you to either hit behind the ball into the dirt, or top it.

Your golf swing’s right elbow backswing should be a smooth plane until it just can’t stand smooth and straight anymore. You only break when it HAS to, and then you use your HIPS and your butt to twist and naturally pull the club back through. Continue reading

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Golf for Absolute Beginners: Basic Equipment

Hi everyone! Today’s golf fitness and game progress below, but first let’s talk about golf for those of you who are absolute beginners. Before you can get fit with golf, you have to know how to play, right? We’re going to start at square one and work our way up to where you eventually feel comfortable on the course.

I need you to get (at bare minimum), 2 things:

  1. A comfortable golf glove
  2. A set of clubs

If you’re on a budget and one club is all you can afford, get a 3-wood. Not a hybrid, though. But I suggest you get a complete set because then you can personally figure out which club feels best to you to practice with. Continue reading

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Can I Lose Weight Golfing?

Hi everyone! I’m tired of failing at trying to lose weight with typical diet and exercise. I know many people have done it successfully, but I burn out and quit on myself – so I decided to lose weight golfing, instead.

Back when I golfed (over 26 years ago), I was in the best shape of my life. But now I’m 271.8 on day 1 here – and I know golf can help me get my fitness back. I’m back at beginner status, though. In every way.

Not a golfer? No problem. I’m going to track my journey to help others new to the game lose weight by golfing. Continue reading

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