Can I Lose Weight Golfing?

Hi everyone! I’m tired of failing at trying to lose weight with typical diet and exercise. I know many people have done it successfully, but I burn out and quit on myself – so I decided to lose weight golfing, instead.

Back when I golfed (over 26 years ago), I was in the best shape of my life. But now I’m 271.8 on day 1 here – and I know golf can help me get my fitness back. I’m back at beginner status, though. In every way.

Not a golfer? No problem. I’m going to track my journey to help others new to the game lose weight by golfing.

I made a video about the issue here, but I also have text below – depending on your preferences:

So what I’m talking about in the video is that the sport (perfect for both men and women from age 3 to 103) is an endurance exercise. It’s something you don’t go hard at for 30 minutes and then it’s over. It’s a lengthy, steady heart rate that burns fat.

I started looking back to ask myself what contributed to me being so fat? Well, three things – and here’s how golf can combat those directly:

#1 – Golf fights stress eating.

I eat when I’m stressed or want to take a break from a lot of work. Golf combats this because my stress levels go WAY down.

When you go practice golf or play a round, your whole focus is on the game. There’s no room for anything anything. I’ll admit I’ve pictured someone causing me stress as the “face” of my ball when I whacked it. LOL! It’s kind of fun.

I also love the atmosphere. Golf ranges and courses are green and serene. The only sounds you’ll hear are the wind and birds and maybe some crickets if you’re out late. You KNOW you don’t get outdoors enough in a relaxing (yet physical) environment.

At the end of a golf practice or game day, you come home feeling GOOD. You got vitamin D. You got fresh air. You got exercise. You’re comfortable exhausted and happy like I am today after this:

#2 – Golf gives me exercise I don’t have to hate.

I will never ever be one of those people who get addicted to the gym. My son is a personal trainer, and I like to go to see him, but wiping someone else’s sweat off a machine with MY towel is just nasty.

The embarrassment of being obese in a gym isn’t something I ever look forward to, either. But golf? I love the people and the sport. It doesn’t SEEM like it’s an athletic sport, but as you’ll see in the live stream video I recorded of me hitting balls today, it IS! Especially for we out of shape individuals.

Golf doesn’t FEEL like exercise. So I don’t dread it. I HAVE to go to the gym. I GET to go golf. See the difference?

#3 – Golf puts an end to mindless snacking.

This is different from stress eating to me. Mindless snacking is when nothing’s wrong, but I just want to nibble on food nonstop. When you’re a golfer, there are other things to do, such as:

  • Tired? Pick up a golf book to learn something – the rules, etiquette, technique and more.
  • Raining? Get your hallway putting green out and practice your short game. We used to have one my dad would get out and I loved practicing on it.
  • Don’t feel like going anywhere? Go outside and swing some balls into the golf net. No need to get in the car and drive anywhere – but it’ll keep food out of your mouth.

There are different levels of golf abilities. Since I’m back to square one, I’m keeping it at the practice range only. I’m not even going to attempt to play a round until I feel more skilled – so I don’t hold up other players.

I can’t control the direction of my ball anyway so I don’t want to be all over the place. I can start at the range (if you’re embarrassed about being a newbie golfer, then get a golf net and get to where you can swing and make contact with the ball) – but let me be honest, golfers aren’t judging you if you whiff it (miss it). They LOVE it when newbies take up the game – there’s a TON of respect for that. So no humiliation.

I’m going to level up from range to eventually a game and when I do, I’ll only start with 9 holes (half a round). I’ll try 18 later and hopefully get to where I can spend an entire day from 8 AM to 4 PM where I play TWO rounds. That’s WAY later.

I’ll also start out using a cart. You still get exercise using a cart because you still have to swing for every shot, walk up and down the tee box and up and down around and on the green (where the cart can’t go).

Eventually, I’ll get a pull cart and pull my bag as I walk. Then later, I’ll carry my bag and walk, carrying the 25-30 pounds.

All that is WAY later. I’m in no shape to do that. I’d collapse right in the fairway. LOL!

Watch my video today of me at the range. I lasted a whole 14 minutes and could only hit 28 balls. Goal? Improvement – tomorrow maybe 15 minutes and 15 balls left. We’ll see!

Okay get started y’all! Take up the game and begin making it fun to lose weight.

Tiff 😉

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  1. Julie says:

    Your enthusiasm shines through your writing! I love that you know where you are, where you want to be, you have a specific plan of action, and you know exactly what success will look like for you.

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