Golf for Absolute Beginners: Basic Equipment

Hi everyone! Today’s golf fitness and game progress below, but first let’s talk about golf for those of you who are absolute beginners. Before you can get fit with golf, you have to know how to play, right? We’re going to start at square one and work our way up to where you eventually feel comfortable on the course.

I need you to get (at bare minimum), 2 things:

  1. A comfortable golf glove
  2. A set of clubs

If you’re on a budget and one club is all you can afford, get a 3-wood. Not a hybrid, though. But I suggest you get a complete set because then you can personally figure out which club feels best to you to practice with.

For me, it’s a 3-wood. I like a 3-wood because it’s what’s known as a fairway wood – but can be used off the tee box, too. The tee box is where your first shot comes from on each golf hole. The fairway is the green “lane” of play that you hit the ball down as you make your way to the putting green.

To buy a golf glove, I would check out the bestsellers list. I personally use a men’s left hand (I’m a right handed player so I wear a left handed glove – it’s almost always the opposite hand of whatever you write with).

I’m 5’8 so I like a men’s medium glove. I use a Wilson’s glove but I just picked up whatever I found first – so get a bestseller that’s rated well. You’ll notice that aside from shoes, I use everything men’s – that’s because the women’s golf gear is primarily made for shorter females in my opinion. So club length, gloves, etc. – I use men’s.

You’ll see sizes like Cadet etc. I simply use Medium. Do NOT attempt to start golfing without a golf glove. You’ll regret it when your hands are blistered from the swinging and you have callouses on them. Plus, a golf glove helps with moisture so the club won’t slip if you’re sweating.

With this basic beginner set for golf, you’ll have comfort during your practice and play (aka for us, workout) with the glove – and the club set will allow you to engage in all sorts of things.

Your beginner set will have woods, irons, chipping clubs and a putter with the golf bag. Inside the golf bag, once you start playing, you’ll store your glove there and have some tees in there along with some balls.

But you don’t need that initially because we’re just going to use the glove and clubs. When you go to a local driving range with your clubs, you will buy a bag or bucket of balls there.

This is where I practice – it’s in Texas and so beautiful:

There are other items you’ll be getting as we go – golf shoes, etc. But for now, until you’re sure you want to proceed with golf, just get the bare minimum equipment.

Today’s golf fitness progress:

So today I increased my efforts from 28 balls hit to 32 balls hit. It’s only 4 more but it’s more. Very sweet too – the guy in the shop gave me the balls FREE!

I had to walk all the way across the field to the far end to hit. There were already 3 guys there, so I got in between two of them. The only thing that sucked is the man in front of me was smoking the entire time and the wind was unfortunately blowing my direction.

So instead of nicely mowed grass and fresh air I had to inhale cigarette smoke the entire time. And no matter how far back I went, it would have blown right on me (and he was in the first spot up front so there was no getting on the other side of him).

Sucks that he was a chain smoker too. Kept one lit the entire time. But…. I wasn’t there too long, and I tried to focus on my golf game.

There was one “whiff” (aka: total miss) of the ball. Two “tops” (meaning my club head hit on top of the ball. And two “smacked the dirt” shots. LOL Everything else was hit decently – a couple in the sweet spot (meaning perfectly). But the majority just flew anywhere they wanted. My aim is ALL off.

I was thoroughly exhausted afterwards. My new golf book for absolute beginners came in – so excited! And I want to show y’all the glove specifications in the video below:

Tiff 😉

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