Golf Swing Right Elbow Backswing Tip

Hi everyone! An update on my fitness regimen is below, but first I wanted to give you a tip and show you a tutorial both in regular motion and slow motion on a backswing and in particular, how the right elbow backswing move can make or break your shot.

I notice many newbies have this problem – quickly cutting upward with their right elbow and then “chopping” down on the ball. This causes you to either hit behind the ball into the dirt, or top it.

Your golf swing’s right elbow backswing should be a smooth plane until it just can’t stand smooth and straight anymore. You only break when it HAS to, and then you use your HIPS and your butt to twist and naturally pull the club back through.

You don’t “chop” at it. In fact, pretend like your arms are only guides – they don’t hold the power – your core does. That’s why it’s important to work on core when it comes to golf fitness. Yes, you need arm strength too – because it has to physically hold the club without tiring.

So let me show you what I mean using a 9-iron today:

So that’s me hitting about 10 or so balls. Let me show you in slow motion how a backswing looks and pay attention in the golf swing to the right elbow’s backswing:

See? the right elbow, in the backswing, is almost horizontal to the terrain before it breaks. Then, after my swing goes all the way back, I use my hips and butt to twist and “pull” the swing through so that the golf club makes impact with the ball.

When you practice a golf tip, make sure you focus on one thing at a time. It helps you perfect that one habit instead of trying to remember 10-15 tips at once.

So when you’re practicing this tip, grasp the club, extend your arms and as your arms go back keep them straight as long as it’s physically possible until your right elbow HAS to break. Practice it several times.

Lose Weight Golfing Progress

Okay I feel happy! Today I was able to hit 45 balls! I was sore and tired but did it anyway. It felt good – the grass was freshly mowed. The sun was out, birds chirping – great stress relief!

I keep feeling this satisfactory soreness and it’s way better than “I pumped iron at the gym” type of sore.  Just more rewarding for me. Of course, tomorrow IS gym day – I go twice a week. It’s push day tomorrow for arms and chest and back.

So look here – now I KNOW there is blubber ALL over the place, but I SEE my muscles starting to shine through!

THAT was a good feeling. My core is sore (my abs) and my thighs ache but not a crippling ache – a different kind.

I want you to look at all the various muscles being used as you take a golf swing.

The golf swing for fitness:

When I make the above move, my right arm is supporting the club, but my right thigh is supporting me since my weight is shifted onto it. My core begins to turn and my butt supports my torso.

As I’m in the middle of my backswing, all of my weight is on my right leg. My core is in full twist mode and it’s at this moment that I use my core to powerfully pull my body back the opposite direction.

This is when my club makes impact with the ball. My left leg is now supporting my bodyweight and my left arm is pulling the club through along with the power of my torso (abs) and butt.

The follow through is when my left leg is fully supporting me still, my abs begin to relax, and my arms only support the club. Ideally, you’ll be facing the fairway after you hit, just like this.

Oh! Wanted to show you what I got today. A water bottle with an insulated LINER – I love it. It’s not as heavy as those steel ones and it kept my water ice cold. They’re WAY cheaper than the heavy steel ones, too – and still BPA-free, etc. You can order one online (they have all sorts of cool designs). Here’s the one I got:

Hope to see you making progress – let me know!

Tiff 😉

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